Sky Dream Center

Skydiving: Tandem and Free Fall Courses

The Sky Dream Center arose in 2002 upon the desire of a group of friends, who wanted to begin again the skydiving activity in Cumiana,

not only the ideal place where to fly and practice all the disciplines of Parachuting as

Relative Work, Free Fly, AFF Courses, Static Line, Tandem but also a pleasant meeting point where to spend free time with friends.


The Center

Skydiving, Relative Work, Free Fly, AFF courses, Static Line, Tandem in Cumiana



The tandem skydiving is a launch from an altitude of 4.000 metri.



Courses of Static Line Skydiving and Accelerated Free Fall, complete and catchy.



The Center full schedule of events

Sky Dream Center

Feel the emotion of a dive from 4000 meters!

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Launch Place

Scuola di Paracadutismo
Strada Galassa, 11 – 10040 CUMIANA (TO)
44°56’21″N – 07°25’43″E
+39 338 93 78 466